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    Is there an easy way to keep a user control's state from one page to the other? I have several pages that look vastly different, however the all utilize the same user control, so it'd be nice to keep its state across those pages. Any ideas would be helpful!

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    Because of the nature of a web based application (state less) we developers are posed with a very difficult question. How do we maintain state over our pages and over time. A couple of methods are available to us. It ultimately depends on your particular needs. You have the ability to serialize objects and save them to memory or disk. You have the HTTPContext and it&#039;s host of classes including the session and application state. You can even use cookies. Ultimately nothing in that environment is as simple as a desktop application, but it&#039;s far from impossible. I suggest you go to:<BR><BR><BR><BR>and look up the classes I mentioned above.

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