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    I&#039d like to create an ASP component that allows me to access the files stored in a file compressed using zip, ace, arj or rar.<BR><BR>The problem though is that I don&#039t exactly want to use a component. As the server my site is on doesn&#039t eactly allow me to use DLLs and stuff.<BR><BR>WHat I want to know is if I can accomplish this with PERL. I think I can create the perl script to access the zip file, however, I&#039d like ot knowhow to talk to perl with ASP. I&#039d like some examples.<BR><BR>This should all be done without the registration of any new DLLs on the shared server. <BR><BR>Thanks

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    I&#039m not sure if I understand what you are proposing. If you write it in PerlScript, you can only use that script on the same site if the Administrators have installed ActiveState Perl. To specify perlscript as your language in an ASP file, just put the following line at the top of your page:<BR>&#060;&#037;@Language=PerlScript&#037;&#0 62; (ADDED BY SCOTT MITCHELL: you can download PerlScript at<BR><BR>If they haven&#039t installed ActiveState Perl, then you aren&#039t really going to be able to do much with the perlscript, since the server would therefore not have any ability to process the perl script. <BR><BR>I really have serious doubts as to the efficiency of a scripting module to process archived files. A custom component or pre-existing solution ( would make much more sense. Perhaps if you could elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish, we could come up with a more accurate solution than writing a script to process large files programmatically.

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    While this is not directly related to your question... an article on dynamically *creating* ZIP or gZip files using a Java component will be available on 4Guys this Wed.! (the 8th of March)<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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