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    I feel a little asking but I can&#039;t find the code that I would constantly stumble upon for when a user searchs that will highlight the keywords in the results when they drew?<BR><BR>I guess you could do an instring function on the keyword and wrap bold tags or whatever around it but I&#039;d like to see how others have done this before reinventing the wheel. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Text = replace(text, searchstring, "&#060;i&#062;searchsting&#060;/i&#062;")

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    Default Slightly better than that...

    ...is to use a regular expression, so that you preserve the case of the thing you are highlighting.<BR><BR>Set re = New RegExp<BR>re.Pattern = "(searchstring)"<BR>re.IgnoreCase = True<BR>re.Global = True<BR>text = re.Replace( text, "&#060;B&#062;$1&#060;/B&#062;" )<BR><BR>Untested, but it&#039;s something like that.<BR><BR>

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