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    I am getting the dreaded 0115 error and I can&#039;t track the tricky little bugger down...<BR><BR>NT 4<BR>Accessing Oracle (on same box)<BR><BR>Now this is a random error, in other words the system works fine for ages (e.g. weeks) then it starts generating errors in the log and in the end falls over permanently<BR><BR>a net stop / net start cycle and it goes back to working again<BR><BR>I have search google/msdn; tried all the permissions suggestions and the only COM stuff the ASP is doing is the db access.<BR><BR>A) Any Ideas?<BR><BR>B) Is there any way of setting up the server so that when a 0115 error is encountered I can automatically issue a "net stop isadmin /y; net start w3svc" command to give the *(^T&^*(er a good kick?

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    If the error is displaying on the screen, does it point to a particular .asp page?<BR><BR>If yes, for starters you know where the error is occurring. Though now you have to find out why. ; )<BR><BR>You said you were using Oracle. What driver are you using, Oracle&#039;s, Microsoft&#039;s, other? What version of IIS? what version of MDAC do you have installed?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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