The power of deductive mind!

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Thread: The power of deductive mind!

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    Since...<BR>DIMENSION = (ENERGY.TIME)Raised COMPLEX<BR>is my study formula and It&#039;s sees an evolving universe between frontiers look a this:<BR>Neutrinos are like frontiers cause they are the smallest piece of universe if they exists.... BUT.. this is not the ultimate true... cause if they are on all universe they could act as a constant like TIME (TIME Acts in different momments but is the same true), and as a fronteir they are matter and as matter they are a kind of Energy.... (Another of my PsycoViews...)

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    Default Whoever said Time was a constant (eop)


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    Time is a constat cause all fenomens on knowadays universe are under a measure TIME.<BR><BR>But if this universe evolves as my visions, TIME would never exists, like neutrinos evolution (never heared topics)...<BR><BR>

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