I want to rewrite a cookie-value in my ASP script.<BR>The cookie was set by an other application in the same domain. The application is not written in ASP script and has given a name to the cookie which contains a &#039;-&#039;<BR><BR>Because of the &#039;-&#039; in the cookie name, I seem not to be able to overwrite the value of the cookie.<BR>This because ASP URL-encodes cookie names and values before setting these in the header. This causes the &#039;-&#039; to be transformed to &#039;%0D&#039; so a new cookie is generated instead of overwriting the excisting cookie.<BR>Normally you do not notice this because ASP also URL-decodes the name after reading cookie names and -values.<BR><BR>Is there a way to turn URL-encoding off?<BR><BR>P3t3r<BR>