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    Well I&#039;m a little bit further now...:<BR><BR>=================================== ========================<BR>SELECT *<BR>FROM T_Fonts<BR>WHERE (Font like &#039;%" + request.form("zoeken") + "%&#039; OR Trefwoorden like &#039;%" + request.form("zoeken") + "%&#039;) AND (S_Schreef = TRUE OR S_Schreefloos = TRUE)<BR>========================================= ==================<BR><BR>But it should not display all the records where S_Schreef, S_Schreefloos = TRUE, but ONLY when the user checked the checkbox. So only if S_Schreef, S_Schreefloos = TRUE AND the user checked the checkbox Schreef and Schreefloos.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me a clue?<BR><BR>:-)

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    Default Do a Response.Write..

    .. on the SQL statement and post what it creates.<BR><BR>And, there wasn&#039;t really a reason to start a new thread. Ettiquette is to stick to your original.

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    True / False are stored in a database as 1 / 0 so you should have <BR>(S_Schreef = 1 OR S_Schreefloos = 1)

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