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    Renee G Guest

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    I am trying to connect to a database, and can connect when I use a dsn or dsnless connection with the connection string on the asp page, but cannot connect when placing the connection string in global.asa.<BR><BR>I thought I would test this global asa thing, and don&#039t seem to get anything from global asa to work. Could the problem be that I am testing this on my pc using PWS?<BR><BR>Also trying to write code to reload the webpage, and my code seem very ineffective. I have read it&#039s object.reload() but how do I state the object? It&#039s my default page, but if I type "default.reload(breloadsource)" there is ..nothing.

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    Based on everything I&#039ve read recently, you should not place your dbase connection in your global.asa. Although it seems it would be more efficient to reference it here, it is actually better to open and close your connection on each page. Another option would be to put your connection in an include file. <BR><BR>When using PWS and IIS, make sure you set up your directories as virtual directories rather than just creating a new folder under Inetpubwwwroot&#060;websitename&#062; or else your global.asa won&#039t be recognized. Good luck.

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    Renee G. Guest

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    How do I set up my directories as virtual directories? <BR><BR>Also, the global.asa is in the wwwroot folder, so shouldn&#039t it be seen?<BR>

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