How to use IIS authentication with login form?

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Thread: How to use IIS authentication with login form?

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    Default How to use IIS authentication with login form?

    I&#039;m crossposting somewhat, because I didn&#039;t realize there was an ASP.NET forum (yes, I&#039;m blind :P). I&#039;ll put a notification on my first message in the other forum stating I&#039;ve posted to this forum instead. Anyhow, enough;s my problem:<BR><BR>I posted about this before, but haven&#039;t been able to figure out how to use the suggestion of using IIS authentication to do what I want.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s what I&#039;m trying to do. I want a login form entry to an application, but rather than dealing with new usernames/passwords, I want to tap into the existing NT domain usernames and passwords that all users already have. How can I test their input into this form to see if their username and password are correct for the NT domain?<BR><BR>Note, I don&#039;t want to just check the environment and see who their logged on as... I need to be sure that the person entering the form is who they say they are.<BR><BR>I appreciate any help! My goal is to do this in ASP.NET.<BR><BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>

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    Default Authentication section..

    .. of web.config will allow you to do this.<BR><BR>Check the documentation on

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