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    I DO NOT WRITE VERY WELL IN THIS LANGUAGE. Excuse me, please !<BR>I have a problem : is&#039;t possible to lock a record when a user update or read it and at the same time is it posible to redirect other customers in a warning page .<BR>Thanks

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    There are problems with locking a record or a table for that matter.<BR>If you lock the record when a user reads the record one of two things.<BR>1) the lock is released when the record is sent to the browser <BR>or<BR>2) How do you determine to release the lock. A user can just close the browser and you will not know.

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    A lock would be put on only if a user is updating... just how long can it take to update one record? Besides, the database automatically locks on a record getting updated because they are designed for multiple connections, multiple threads... and if the maximum number of connections is used, the transaction bombs.

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