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    I got a script were i can change data like the date from a item that has been inserted.<BR>I&#039;m from Holland so the date for me is just 08-01-2003 and not American style.<BR>But if i change a field that has a onchange command it reloads the page but the dat is reversed after it:<BR>so instead of: 08-01-2003 i get: 01-08-2003<BR>Can any1 help me with this ?

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    Default Change the Session.LCID..

    .. to the American format.<BR><BR>Or, write your own function for formatting a date:<BR>Function FormatDateTimeAmerican(ByVal pdDate)<BR> FormatDateTimeAmerican = Month(pdDate) & _<BR> "-" & _<BR> Day(pdDate) & _<BR> "-" & _<BR> Year(pdDate)<BR>End Function

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