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    I am connecting to a database on a different server through a dsn&#039;less connection which seems to connect ok but any time I try to query the database using a recordset it just hangs and eventually times out. I am just testing so there are only about 5 rows and 4 fields in the table.<BR><BR>My connection code is:<BR> conn.Open "Provider=MS Remote;" & _<BR> "Remote Server=http://myserver;" & _<BR> "Remote Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _<BR> "Data Source=myPathmyDb.mdb;", _<BR> "admin", ""<BR><BR>I have so far tried querying 2 different ways:<BR> 1) conn.execute(SQL)<BR> 2) recordset.Open "SQL",conn,1,3 (ADODB Recordset object)<BR><BR>Can anyone offer any advice or point me to a good article on connecting to remote databases using Access?

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    Default Path looks bad to me...

    Data Source=myPathmyDB.mdb ????<BR><BR>That&#039;s a *RELATIVE* path. But what directory do you expect the server to start from??? C:? I don&#039;t think it would happen. Much more likely to start from C:Windows or C:WindowsSystem32.<BR><BR>You need to give a *FULL* absolute path. Including the drive name.<BR><BR>But see the warnings on this page:<BR><BR><BR>Possibly RDS isn&#039;t supported by the machine you are trying to connect to? It might have been made obsolete in WinXP, for example?<BR><BR>

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