Oracle on an AIX box?

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Thread: Oracle on an AIX box?

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    Default Oracle on an AIX box?

    I have Oracle loaded on an AIX server.<BR>I want to connect to that Oracle db and develop .asp pages on my desktop, using IIS.<BR><BR>Can I do that?<BR>Can I develop .asp pages with oracle on an AIX server as my backend?<BR><BR>dh

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    Default Sure... just need the right ODBC drivers. See if Oracle has one available. If not, there&#039;s at least one third-party vendor that makes them. I forget the name off the top of my head, but ask me again if you can&#039;t get one from Oracle (or it&#039;s way too expensive?).<BR><BR>Hmmm....actually, the MS driver for Oracle may be able to do it. Probably have to do it by setting up a DSN and making sure all the i&#039;s are dotted and t&#039;s crossed.<BR><BR>

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