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    We have an NT shop with a trusted domain that needs to access our intranet. Up till now we've been using basic authentication with our default domain plugged in to IIS. Now that we want the trusted domain users to access we have to switch to NTCR authentication. Our management doesn't want to confuse our 'users' by adding a 3rd field where they have to know their domain...go figure. So they want it prefilled in with our domain....the trusted domain users would be forced to change it to theirs manually but that is ok. Is there a quick way to do this? Our AsP programmers say no not without a lot of code...I say it shouldn't be hard and it may not take programming asp at all. Help me prove them wrong and be rewarded. Joe

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    you can't prefill the domain field, basically. what's the rationale behind switching to NTCR/Integrated Auth? I assume you're IE-only on this site, but you may also get problems with IE users behind some Proxy servers

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