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    Hi Bill,<BR> "GOD" suggested the following solution to the problem listed below, can you think of a better solution?<BR>GOD: the way that we have done it in the past was to play around with our width and height attributes of table cells until it fit 90% of the time. <BR><BR>It&#039;s an ugly solution but it worked (for the most part). <BR><BR>PROBLEM:<BR>I have an asp tool that allows people to create a guest list and assign them to various table numbers for seating. <BR><BR>I want to give them the ability to print out or rather create a label for each guest (labels would be printed on standard label paper, from a stationary company called Avery) <BR><BR>Any suggestions or ways of getting around this: Thanks.

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    have you tried running your data throw a loop into a table?

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    Default Never done much printing...

    ...from HTML, so I doubt I&#039;m much help.<BR><BR>One thing you could certainly try would be to have a special style sheet for the printed version (not necessarily the same as the on-screen version). You might be able to exert better control over font sizes, etc.<BR><BR><BR>

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