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    I don&#039;t really know how to phrase this but here goes.<BR>My sproc runs great with query analyzer but takes 40 seconds through ASP.<BR>I created a new sproc with the exact same code as the offending sproc and now the new sproc takes 40 seconds to execute in query analyzer and the ASP page.<BR>If I change the original sproc (the one that works great when run in query analyzer) to add the "with recompile" option, it takes 40 seconds through query analyzer and the ASP page.<BR><BR>This leads me to belevie the sproc is recompiling whenever it&#039;s run from the ASP page but not through query analyzer. I don&#039;t fully understand the inner workings of how procedures are executed through ASP so I&#039;m not sure how to fix this. <BR>Sorry for sorta reposting and not replying to the "EXTREMELY slow.." thread, but after more testing, this is what I came up with.

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    Default Shouldn't matter

    Post your ASP related database code and your procedure code.

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