Hi Everyone,<BR>I want to know how to display a retrieved value from the database table and populate it as a selected item in a drop-down list. <BR>I have a drop-down list that contains these items: black, blue,yelow,red. If the retrieved value from the database table record is "blue", I want to have "blue" as the first selected item in the dropdown list. Your help will be greately appreciated.<BR><BR>I have these lines of code but it doesn&#039;t work:<BR><BR>Dim MyCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("select * from Colortable where ID=" & id, MyConnection)<BR>MyConnection.Open()<BR>Dim myReader As SqlDataReader = MyCommand.ExecuteReader()<BR>If myReader.Read() Then<BR>dlColor.SelectedItem.Value = myReader("Color")<BR>End If