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    I seem to always get the bizarre projects at work. I have to develop a way so that stores can query a database, pull back information like Brand Name, Price, Description, Limit, et cetera, and let them print it for store signage. Thats all easy to do, but heres my challenge. I also need to print each field at a certain place on the page--for example Brand Name needs to be 1.675" from the left side of the page. I also need it to print without the typical "Page 1 of 1" at the top, and without the typical "http://....." at the bottom. Any suggestions on a route to take? Adobe maybe?

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    HTML is not good for this.<BR><BR>I would use a reporting system. I highly suggest Crystal Reports. BUT if you don&#039;t currently use Crystal and you can&#039;t convince your IT Mgr that it&#039;s the way to go then Access reporting will work. This way you can place things with a "ruler." I believe you could also use Quark Express for this, but thats about $1K

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