I am attempting to create a Web Service on our development server, which is running Windows 2000. I have WindowsXP on my machine. After I start a new project and select ASP.Net Web Service I get a message box with the following: <BR><BR>&#039;The Web was created successfully but an error occurred when trying to configure the application root for this web. Web projects may not operate successfully with an application root. The returned error was: Active Directory Services cannot find the web server. A possible cause for this is an incompatibility between versions of IIS on the client and the server. The usual cause for this is creating Web Projects on a Windows 2000 or newer server from a Windows NT 4.0 client. You can manually configure the application root using the Internet Services Manager. &#039;<BR><BR>Since I&#039;m running XP then the reason for my failure is not due to the &#039;usual&#039; cause. I&#039;m wondering of anyone has run into this problem. I&#039;m thinking that maybe .Net was loaded incorrectly or not in the proper order on the server or my machine? Is there a repair utility to correct this? Searching MSDN proved to be no help. <BR><BR>Thanks for any help on this one.