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    I have a simple read to a database to get all the data and display them. I can display a 1000 records with no proplem but when I tried with 4,000 I got stuck. The only thing I changed was the table name to display the 4,000 or so records. Is there any limitations to the number of records to display or something else that I have to do?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kemet

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    You should use record paging then you could show like 100 records per page and give a link at the bottom to go to the next page, you can get a good example from http://www.asp101.com.<BR><BR>Even 1000 records is alot to process to a web page

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    try using response.flush so you see some results. But 4000 at once could take 6 to 7 minutes to run. If you add long tableling to the use of Netscape browsers then may as well go to the toalett while you are waiting.

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