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Thread: get data fr db and arrange as array

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    Default get data fr db and arrange as array

    i had some data in db and i was trying to retrieve those data fr db to get them store as array so i can refer them as array whenever i want to display them.<BR><BR>this is because i want to display those data as array,and when i click on one of them,other related information will be shown on the next frame.<BR><BR>i&#039;ve tried coding them to retrive and store as array but it doesn not it posible in asp?Is there any other way?I just want to display every data header and the related info only be display when i click on those data header.<BR><BR>and may i ask what is file system object(fso)?<BR>thank you...

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    Default ADODB.Recordset.GetRows

    That converts a recordset to an array for you, all in a single statement. Presto.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Set RS = yourConnection.Execute( yourSQLstring )<BR>data = RS.GetRows( )<BR>For row = 0 To UBound( data, 2 )<BR> For column = 0 To UBound( data, 1 )<BR> cell = data( column, row )<BR> ... do what you want with that cell ...<BR> Next<BR>Next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Note how the array rows and columns might be reversed from what you would have expected.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: ADODB.Recordset.GetRows

    and to answer your second question:<BR><BR>the Filesystem object is the object used to work with files and folders on the server&#039;s harddrive<BR><BR>e.g. create files/directories and copy files.<BR><BR>check the docs on for detailed info

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