Hi ... <BR><BR>I use the following function to generate my graph<BR>BUT I can&#039;t add a title in the X and Y axes. It says object not found ...<BR>Is different version of OWC will yield such problem ?<BR><BR>Any ideas ? Pls help. Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>SUB GenGraph()<BR> dim ObjChart<BR> dim ChaCon<BR> dim ObjCharts<BR> dim SerCol<BR> <BR> set ObjChart = Server.CreateObject("OWC.Chart")<BR> set ChaCon = ObjChart.Constants<BR> set ObjCharts = ObjChart.Charts.Add<BR> <BR> &#039;adding my bar<BR> set SerCol = ObjCharts.SeriesCollection.Add<BR> &#039;adding my line<BR> set SerCol1 = ObjCharts.SeriesCollection.Add<BR> <BR> ObjCharts.Type = ChaCon.chChartTypeColumnClustered<BR> <BR> SerCol.Caption = "Actual Sale"<BR> SerCol.SetData ChaCon.chDimCategories, ChaCon.chDataLiteral, Grph_WorkWeek<BR> SerCol.SetData ChaCon.chDimValues, ChaCon.chDataLiteral, Grph_MfgCost<BR> SerCol.Type = ChaCon.chChartTypeLine<BR> &#039;-------------------------------<BR> <BR> SerCol1.Caption = "Forecast Sale"<BR> SerCol1.SetData ChaCon.chDimCategories, ChaCon.chDataLiteral, Grph_WorkWeek<BR> SerCol1.SetData ChaCon.chDimValues, ChaCon.chDataLiteral, Grph_Fcst<BR> &#039;change from the default bar graph to a line<BR> SerCol1.Type = ChaCon.chChartTypeLine<BR> <BR> &#039;put a title on this graphic<BR> ObjChart.HasChartSpaceTitle=True<BR> ObjChart.ChartSpaceTitle.Caption = "Sales Trend"<BR> <BR> &#039;tell it you want a legend in the graphic<BR> ObjChart.HasChartSpaceLegend = True<BR> ObjChart.ChartSpaceLegend.Position = ChaCon.chLegendPositionRight<BR> <BR> <BR> strChartAbsPath = Server.MapPath("/temp")<BR> strChartRelPath = "temp"<BR> <BR> gifLocation = ExportChartToGIF ( ObjChart, strChartAbsPath, strChartRelPath )<BR> <BR> set ChaCon = nothing<BR> set ObjCharts = nothing<BR> set ObjChart = nothing <BR>END SUB