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    Default First time ASP user wants to create real estate da

    Heyas ppls<BR>I&#039;m new here, but from what I&#039;ve been reading it seems you all have a good hold on databases and asp.<BR><BR>What I want to do is work out how to get my real estate database (a simple table with addresses, prices, image, small blurb about property, etc) and have it online.<BR><BR>For example, the user will click on the &#039;for sale&#039; link and will get a list of places for sale with a small description/picture and then be able to click on a link for a place and get a more detailed descirption and more pictures (if that&#039;s applicable).<BR><BR>I am using WinXP here and I am pretty sure I can install IIS no problems and get ASP happening. What else should I install?<BR><BR>Any help on this project would be really handy!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Lotness

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    Default For starters, you need...

    ...XP *PRO*. XP Home doesn&#039;t have IIS. See the ASPFAQs (link at top right corner of this page).<BR><BR>What other advice to give you? Hmmm.... Well, don&#039;t try to store images in the DB. Just put the image file names in the DB and store them in a normal /images directory.<BR><BR>Hopefully you&#039;ll do better than just show all the places for sale. If you had 1000 houses in the table it could take a *LONG* time to peruse all of them! You want to allow the use to specify various search criteria (price range, size, location, number of bedrooms, etc., etc.).<BR><BR>I would say start by designing your database. Figure out what table(s) you need. What the fields are in the table(s). Then start by writing HTML code to display the search page and the selections page and finally the individual house page. Start by filling in just constant HTML info. When they look like what you want, *then* start chucking in the VBS scripting.<BR><BR>

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