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    I created a number of asp pages that connect to a database through a local hosting company. I have now purchased some space on their secure server that uses SSL as the data being put in by my clients will be confidential. On the unsecure server I connected to the database using a DSN they set up for me which does not work with the pages on the secure server as they are not linked in any way. Is there any way I can connect to a database on the unsecure server from the pages on the secure server?? To put the database on the secure server is much more costly and they recommend leaving it where it is but will not offer any advice on how I can access it. It is an Access XP database. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Don't think so

    I don't believe Access can be connected to across machines without a mapped drive. It doesn't have a listener like say a SQL Server or Oracle does for remote connectivity.

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