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Thread: ASP and XML search string.

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    Default ASP and XML search string.

    I have to news source pulls that expire after 5 days. However sometimes one newsfeed doesn&#039;t update for a week or so. I would like to pull the newsfeed and depending on there being an &#060;item&#062; present, write the newsfeed to the page else to only write the one feed. So I have to includes using a response.write I will write the apporpriate include file: Both newsfeeds if the &#060;item&#062; exists in the first. And the second only if it does not. <BR><BR>How can I call up the newsfeed, read it for a string containing &#060;item&#062;

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    Default If it's a valid XML..

    .. document, couldn&#039;t you just use SelectSingleNode:<BR><BR>Dim XmlNode<BR> XmlNode = XmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("/root/item")<BR> If Not XmlNode Is Nothing Then<BR> &#039;Item node existed.<BR> Else<BR> &#039;Item node did NOT exist.<BR> End If<BR> Set XmlNode = Nothing

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