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    Hello,<BR> When i observed clearly yahoo,hotmail I found that all those mail programs are written in perl. <BR> And now my point is that where these new technologies like weblogic, jsp are actually used - when I asked an expert he said that we are using jsp because traffic to our site will be high. I don&#039t know is it going to be higher traffic then hotmail and yahoo mail, even those are wrting programes in perl. <BR> I want to know where these new tech will help the web esp., these jsp and weblogic.<BR> Can any one reply to this.<BR><BR><BR>I am ASP,ColdFusion and Visual Basic Sr.Programmr.<BR><BR><BR>

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    I don&#039t know much about the performance of JSP or Weblogic, but perhaps what he means is that he believes these technologies have a higher "pages per second" processing rate per server. With places like Hotmail and Yahoo, they have an array of servers with high availability serving up the pages. With smaller sites, there may be a much smaller number of machines serving the pages up, at which point the speed and efficiency of the implementation language will be important.<BR><BR>Personally I can&#039t imagine JSP can be noticeably faster than a windows DNA approach (ASP, COM(+), RDBMS) on a Win2k Server, but to each his own.

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