This problem touches on a lot of areas : I have an ASP script that runs an Access macro, which runs a report to a Snapshot file. This has been in place on a new server for 4 months and has worked fine until now.<BR><BR>Now I get the error "MSAccess (0x800A089A).You must install a printer before you design, print, or preview." which usually gets resolved if you do the registry fiddle to add a printer for the SYSTEM user as described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base document Q184291 (I did all this 4 months ago when I set up the new server). Now it is not working.<BR><BR>I have checked the registry and all looks correct. What is however very strange is that if I open up the Access database and run the macro manually, it works and the Snapshot file is created, and thereafter running the ASP from the browser also works for a while! After a few hours however the error returns. Has anyone experienced this and found a solution ?<BR>Ciao<BR>Renzo<BR>