How to create a DLL to convert HTML to PDF

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Thread: How to create a DLL to convert HTML to PDF

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    Default How to create a DLL to convert HTML to PDF

    I&#039;m developing an application where I need to convert HTML files into PDF on-the-fly without user interaction. I want to create a DLL which will accept the HTML file and name of the PDF file to be created and would then go ahead creating the PDF file at the mentioned directory. All this w/o user intervention.<BR>Also the PDF file generated should display clickable hyperlinks. I hve browsed the net and found some tools but mostly they are EXEs. Can somebody help.....<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Deb

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    Default Why re-invent the wheel?

    If you&#039;re willing to buy a fully-fledged product to do it, why not look at activePDF (normally a link on the left of this page, in the banners).<BR><BR>It has a COM interface (not sure about .NET compatibility). Not sure about the price. You&#039;d also have to check whether or not it does all the links and things, but I&#039;m pretty sure it will. By all accounts, it&#039;s a pretty capable product.<BR><BR>Either that or you could start by downloading the API from Adobe&#039;s site - that may start you towards creating a converter. Good luck if you try it!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Don't know that it converts..

    .. documents, but Tall Component&#039;s TallPDF is a fantastic product.

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