Hello,<BR><BR>Can you help me? i am implementing a catalog site with multi columms,<BR> which has n:m relationship to each others. <BR>I have a problem at reading a data from my database. my database<BR>contents 2 Tables. One is "Columm" the other one is "relationshiplist"<BR><BR>columm (ColummID, columName)<BR>relationshiplist ( UppercolummID, UndercolummID)<BR><BR>For my Undercolumm.asp i have to read the ColummName <BR>of UnderColummID from Table Columm. I have tried to make my sql_query<BR>like following: (But it doesnt work )<BR><BR><BR> SELECT UndercolummID FROM Relationshiplist<BR> WHERE Uppercolumm = " & ColummID<BR><BR> UNION <BR> SELECT ColummName FROM Columm INNER JOIN Relationshiplist<BR> WHERE ColummID = UndercolummID**+ <BR><BR>(*** Undercolumm from the first SELECT )<BR><BR><BR><BR>Can someone help me??? Thank you very much!<BR><BR><BR><BR>thi<BR><BR><BR>