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    I don't know if there even is an answer to this, but what is considered good and bad coding. I may be doing some bad coding. I have a site that runs fine,until I add some scripts. Sometimes it runs slllllooooooowwww as heck and I feel it's ASP related because it gets slower the more complex it gets. Is there anything I can do to speed things up?

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    It&#039;s very difficult to give some tips if you don&#039;t show some code.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not going to give you a list of all good practices, if you search either MSDN or Google you should find enough on this.<BR><BR>If you have some code from which you suspect it runs too slow post the code here. Also post other relevant stuff like the server and the database you use.

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    Default Horses for courses

    it depends what your site does, how much traffic it gets, how many people need access to the code, what OS you&#039;re hosted under, what language you use, what sort of data you use, which third-party products you use and so on. there&#039;re a few things we _could_ suggest, but they might still be unsuitable for your specific purposes.<BR><BR>btw, I don&#039;t always agree with fixed standards as employed by a number of development companies - each project is different and needs to be judged on its own needs, so fixed &#039;standards&#039; in some ways aren&#039;t the best way.<BR><BR>with more info, we can probably help.

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