Hello everyone! I&#039;m building a site where users will be able to send some files (various types of files). All those files are stored in a folder on the server (e.g. User_Files). <BR><BR>We have some administrative pages. I want us to be able to download all those files in a local folder by just clicking a link. Is it possible?? I was thinking of installing a zip module on the server, zip the folder to a file and then try to download a file. However I need another option. I want to be able to click on a link and download all the files. I need you help on 2 things. <BR><BR>1. An ASP code maybe that will enable this feature. <BR>2. A way to present a folder browser on the client browser so as to specify a local folder where all those files will be stored. <BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated.