I wonder if someone can help me out on this one.<BR><BR>I am designing a system in Access 2.0 and have a search screen that lists various criteria from each record. Some of these criteria are just yes and no to certian conditions. The search screen is a continuous form.<BR><BR>Instead of just having lists of yes and no I would like to set each one to a certain colour, say green for yes and red for no to be imaginative. But in continuous forms in Access 2.0 if you try to set the backcolour property to meet the conditions, it doesn&#039t recognise individual records so you just get all red or all green.<BR><BR>I imagine it&#039s something to do with images and assigning the value to the image, but I have no clue how to achive that.<BR><BR><BR>Any advice would be welcome, either in response to this post or to juniper_springs@yahoo.com<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>S.