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Thread: copying data from MSSQL to Access

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    Default copying data from MSSQL to Access

    I need data that is stored on a remote web server in MSSQL to be available in an Access database. I can&#039;t actually access the database now because I don&#039;t have SQL server on my own machine. Is there some kind of script I can run to copy the entire database into an Access database, or even some kind of delimited text file, on my local machine?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Bring up HELP in Access...

    And in the "Answer Wizard" of HELP, type in <BR> external database<BR>and then push "Search".<BR><BR>The first topic displayed should be "About importing and linking data and database objects."<BR><BR>Read.<BR><BR>Pay special attention to "Import and link data from ODBC data sources."<BR><BR>&#039;nuff said?<BR><BR>

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