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    So when I test my webpage on my Windows machine in Netscape 4.7 this site works fine http://www.expressmicro.com/newsite/index.asp<BR>but when testing the site on Red Hat Netscape 4.79 the left menu doesn&#039;t appear. Would anyone know why perhaps?<BR><BR>Also if notice when opening the page up in I.E. there isnt a 4 pixel black break as there is when testing in Netscape. The main portion of the site seems shifted. All help is much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Natacha<BR>

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    Default Have you validated your HTML?

    Have you tested the site against one or more of the HTML validators that are available on line?<BR><BR>I think www3 has one, for example.<BR><BR>I&#039;d bet that you have a bug in the HTML that only that particular browser is fussy enough to notice.<BR><BR>As for the 4 pixel breaks...search other recent msgs here for similar posts.<BR><BR>

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