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    I am running XP Pro with the IIS service it has installed. I am wondering is there a way to uncap the max number of connection? Currently it is set to 10 but would like it higher. Is there a way I can change that without having to buy a server version of windows?

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    Nope - Not as far as I&#039;m aware, tho you can get Win 2k pretty cheap if you buy it OEM with a server. Dell had some good deals last time I checked.<BR><BR>You could also buy an Upgrade to Win 2K if you are Registered user of: Novell Netware, SCO LAN Manager, HP-UX, IBM: AIX, Lan Manager and others. Sort of a competitors upgrade it was well discounted when I first purchased.<BR><BR>There might also be student licensing option to make it cheaper (Got any kids?)<BR><BR>Failing that - I&#039;d suggest hiring a cracker to jimmy your XP Pro... but the point is that XP Pro is a client not a server OS and consequently, not really designed to host websites pernamently.<BR><BR>Actually thinking about its probably just a question of knowing which registry key&#039;s to tweak!

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