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    Default Performance - Best Way ???

    I am reading a DB2 Database and getting around 10,000 records to Access Database. The process is kind of slow. What i am doing here is:<BR><BR>1.Reading the first Row from a table in DB2 Database<BR>2.Writing the First Row on a IE (need to display data to User )<BR>3.Inserting the First Row in Access Database<BR>4.Moving to Next Record on DB2 Database to Read next Row<BR><BR>How Can i improve the performance? (I am having the real good PC)<BR>

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    Default You are going to display..

    .. 10 records to the user?<BR><BR>And, you think they&#039;ll do what with it?<BR><BR>And, you think that this won&#039;t time out?<BR><BR>I think that ASP may not be the right tool for the job.

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    I don&#039;t use DB2, so this is a bit of a guess, but why not attach the DB2 tables to the Access Db and then run an append query to get the data into Access. <BR><BR>You can then query Access and use the data from there to populate your page.

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