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    I am having a problem with DropDown Lists. I&#039;ve built a dual use form that will allow user to enter new project data and edit existing project data. When in the edit mode a dropdownlist appears that will allow user to select a project to edit. Upon SelectedIndexChange a record will be queried from the database.<BR><BR>The Problem:<BR><BR>In the form is a drop-down list that selects and displays project status. There are three items in this list: active, inactive, & closed. When a project is selected for editing and then re-selected, the text read into the status dropdown list overwrites the firstitem in the dropdownlist.<BR><BR>Like this: <BR>&#124.......&#124 <BR>Active <BR>InActive <BR>Closed <BR><BR><BR>&#124Closed&#124 <BR>Active<BR>InActive<BR>Closed<BR><BR>&#124Close d&#124 <BR>Closed<BR>InActive<BR>Closed<BR><BR><BR><BR><B R>Can anyone offer some advice?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Rick

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    Default Well, I'd have to guess..

    .. it has something to do with your code.<BR><BR>Change your code to not update the first item in the list.

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