Hello All,<BR>I have a problem getting the SmtpMail class to send mail to domains other than my own.<BR><BR>I develop ASP.NET applications on a Windows 2000 Server machine for my employer, and my machine is NOT the mail server.<BR><BR>Now, I&#039;ve written a simple ASPX that sends mail to a given email address from a given email address, setting the SmtpServer property to "localhost". So far so good.<BR><BR>I can send mail to my company email address from ANY domain and it will arrive. It even works when I upload the page to another website, hosted on another domain. However, the moment I try to send to any other domain (Yahoo, private domains, etc) it is not received. What&#039;s more, I don&#039;t even get a reply, or bounced message. What gives? I need this functionality bad and I don&#039;t understand what&#039;s going wrong. Below is the code that does the work. Please have a look and advise me.<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR>MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();<BR>msg.To = "anyone@anywhere.com;<BR>msg.From = "me@home.com";<BR>msg.Subject = "Website Updated!";<BR>msg.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Text;<BR>msg.Body = "hello world";<BR><BR>SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "localhost";<BR>SmtpMail.Send(msg);<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Desperate