VB.NET vs VB incompatabilities ?

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Thread: VB.NET vs VB incompatabilities ?

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    Default VB.NET vs VB incompatabilities ?

    &nbsp;<BR>In my code I needed to put some string functions from VB in my asp.net pages, and I got a problem. <BR><BR>The VB mid, instr, didn&#039;t work, so I searched, and I found .SubString, .IndexOf, ... <BR>But I haven&#039;t found the substitute for CHR. <BR>I need to put some javascript inside my asp, and there&#039;s a little confusion between " and &#039; from vb and jscript, so I need to replace " with chr(34). <BR><BR>I use web matrix as my editor, but a friend of mine told me that by using VS.net he could use the string functions from VB and he could use chr also. <BR><BR>Can anyone help? <BR>Thanks.

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    Default It may import..

    .. the Microsoft.VisualBasic (I think) namespace for him - which would give him access to some of the VB functionality.

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