Hello,<BR><BR>Can someone please give me an idea on how to fix a problem?<BR><BR>I would like to add a second language to a web site created with Visual Studio.Net using C#. My Idea is to dynamically populate page labels with the user’s selected language. The default language is English second language French. <BR><BR>The first time the default page loads (when its not a post back) I set a bool flag to default value false and save it in session state like this: <BR>Flag_French=false;<BR>Session["Flag_French"]= Flag_French;<BR><BR>Every time the default page and its Web User Controls load, I check the Session State Variable in the Page_Load method’s and populate labels with the appropriate language.<BR><BR>I use a web forms control click event to toggle between languages but the first time the button is clicked nothing on the page changes. After the first click, the language change works properly.<BR><BR>Through the debugger I can see that the page is posted back, reloaded, then the code in the click event is processed. <BR><BR>I kind of expected that the code would still be in memory on the server, the click event would fire-up then the page would reload on the client side. <BR><BR>I’m new at this and would appreciate a hint on what to do.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Andreas <BR><BR>