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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to develop the application with three tier Architecture in <BR><BR><BR><BR>I have three comopnent, one.aspx, busObj.Vb, DataObj.VB<BR><BR>in one.aspx I have one Textbox (codeText), which contain country_code,<BR><BR>once I click the submit button I should get all the rows<BR>of that country in datagrid of one.aspx page<BR><BR>The basic problem which I had is how to cature the value<BR>codeText of one.aspx in BusObj.vb<BR><BR><BR>YOu can also resond me at<BR><BR><BR>Thank

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    Default inheritence

    the vb file needs to inherit the page and the page needs to inherit the class in the vb file. inheritence is the glue that binds the 2 files together.<BR><BR>in the aspx page, it looks like so:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;%@ Page Language="VB" inherits = "XMLtraffic" Src="controls/browserdataset.vb" %&#062;<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>and in the vb file it looks like so:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Public Class XMLtraffic<BR>Inherits Page

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