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    Hallo!!<BR><BR>I would like to install MSDE for a test and I supposed MSDE is larger than the JET engine. I take the Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition CD and I get MSDERUN.CAB with 137 kbyte and with 2,5 MB!!<BR>I guess MSDE has more functions and should be larger?!<BR>1. Are MSDE and JET separate programms ??<BR>2. How large are they really?? <BR>3. how can i install them??<BR><BR>thank you!!<BR>greets<BR>rahime

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    1) Yes, entirely<BR>2) Don&#039;t know<BR>3) You don&#039;t install JET, it&#039;s part of the Data Access Componenets (MDAC)<BR>as for MSDE, don&#039;t know from the VS cd, but you can download it from<BR>

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