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Thread: IIS from Win 2000 pro - HELP!!!

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    I have just insralled IIS from Win 2000 pro. It runs OK until when i want to execute ASP scripts. <BR><BR>The scripts run fine but at the same time it also gives an error message such as" Access to specified device, path is denied" and started to download files.<BR><BR>When I was still using PWS these scripts running OK. Could this be the configuration of my IIS?<BR><BR>I have even reinstalled IIS twice but the problem is still there. <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thankyou; Rush O <BR>

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    Sounds like a permissions problem a quick search on MS web site suggested:<BR><BR>Error Message:<BR>Access to the specified device, path or file is denied.<BR><BR>User Action:<BR>Ask the network administrator to set the permissions on this device or file, or on the directories in the path to the device or file, to allow you access. <BR><BR>Check the i-user_computername account has Read/Execute access to folder that contains the file.<BR><BR>Also check the IIS virtual directory has Script only permissions assigned.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Dave<BR>Sorted Sites<BR>

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