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    I&#039;m trying to get my website to do the following things but they don&#039;t seem to work... I&#039;m wondering if my file permissions aren&#039;t properly set.<BR><BR>1) Update to an Access DB - error- Must use updateable query<BR>- someone told me before to go and set my security settings to enable writing but I have no idea how to do it in XP. When I right-click on the DB file there is no securities option. When I go to the Sharing tab of the folder there are 2 choices 1)Local sharing and security and 2)Network sharing & security. What do I have to do here to grant the IUSR_machinename permissions???<BR><BR>2) I&#039;m trying to write a text file to log when a user accesses a page. When I invoke the script IIS just hangs. <BR><BR>Can anyone help??<BR><BR>Thanks buckets

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    1) See<BR><BR>In XP you want to disable simple file sharing by going to Folder Options in the control panel, select the View tab and untick the &#039;simple file sharing&#039; option. Now you&#039;ll get a proper Security tab for your files and folders.<BR><BR>2) See if the above helps and if not post the code.<BR>

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