building component how large is to large?

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Thread: building component how large is to large?

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    I am about to start a large application and everything is going to be in 1 component. <BR>Basically I plan on having the component generate every page and handle every page, will have one page that basically calls a method or function in the component that allows the component to handle everything based on what is available. The system will use XML files to configure the component. BUT MY QUESTION.. this a good idea? having one Page that instances a component which has all the functions, methods, classes, everything in it? <BR>Any Help greatly appreciated!<BR>Jeremy

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    It all comes down to managability. A modular approach allows us the luxury of simplified deployment. (you change the shopping cart methods, you dont have to recompile the entire app, just the shopping cart module) Simplified Debugging. (The shopping cart breaks, you wade through five hundred lines of shopping cart code, not fifty thousand lines of the entire app.) The advantages go on and on and on. <BR><BR>You can write amazingly complex lines of code to compute the most intriguing mathematical problems and do it on one single line! No line breaks!! But... the only reason to do it, is perhaps, bragging rights. <BR><BR>So in answer to your question, is this a good idea? No. <BR>Will it give you really cool bragging rights? Probably Not.<BR>Can it be done? Absolutely!

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