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    Hi,<BR>Can anyone help me for finding a way to establish a " web style catalog" working on a cd? I have already created a web site uses asp codes for catalogue but ofcourse it needs a server such as IIS/PWS for running. Now, I need to distiribute this catalogue on a cd media. Is it possible ? <BR><BR>Thnx<BR>ilker

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    Default Site Ripper

    Try a site ripper, I successfully did this with a few photo pages. It will spider your pages and make static pages out of all the content:<BR><BR>For Example:<BR><BR>Another option would be to use a management tool for the catalog that writes raw html instead of relying on live database queries. You could write something like this in asp, vbs or vb. There are various products available pre packaged<BR><BR>For Example:<BR>

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