Adding a download feature to ASP-based web page.

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Thread: Adding a download feature to ASP-based web page.

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    Default Adding a download feature to ASP-based web page.

    How do I add a download option for a file created on the server side (SQL lookup) for a user on the client side? In other words, my web page creates a physical file on the harddrive according to the input from the user and the user must be able to download that file at the end of their session. I would like the "href" hand to appear when selecting the link to download the file. Also, I would not like the current page to be replaced by a new page, simply have a download window pop up and etc. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>-Mark

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    Default the browser does the work

    netscape and explorer automatically download files that they do not know how to process. also, IIS has permissions settings that can disallow executables to be run in specific folders.<BR><BR>when a user clicks on a link to a file type that the browser does not know how to handle or that IIS will not run, the browser gives the user a dialog box asking if they would like to download the file<BR><BR>therefore, much of the work is done for you.<BR><BR>all you need to do is to populate your href argument with the name and path of the file that you want to download. this can be accimplished using variables. either page-level variables or session-level variables, depending on what you need<BR><BR>does this answer your question?<BR><BR>if this helps, i would appreciate some help on my own open question, which can be read at:<BR>

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