When to use "new String();"?

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Thread: When to use "new String();"?

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    Is it ever necessary to explicitly declare a variable as a certain data type? Is there any (other than syntactically) difference between the following two declarations?<BR><BR>var winprops = new String ("toolbar=0,location=0");<BR>var winprops = "toolbar=0,location=0";<BR>

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    I don&#039;t know of any difference apart from JavaScript implementation. If my memory serves me right, JavaScript 1.0 only allowed a string variable to be declared with a new String() object, but future versions (1.1 onwards) allowed the much easier method of just putting the thing in quotes. An instance of the String() object is created automatically. I only know this because when you declare a string variable, you have access to the String() object&#039;s methods.

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