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    I am retriving data 4rm Excel sheet in my ASP page.The problem i am &#039;ncountering is that if user changes the default sheet name of the workbook from Sheet1 to something then i will not able to track it.<BR>One option that is working in the Excel is the refering it with a index and not with the name.But how i will integrate in the asp codes.<BR>pls help.

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    and "&#039;ncountering"??<BR><BR>Huh?<BR><BR>Do you mean "from" and "encountering"?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know that you can. When you open the Excel sheet from your ASP page, it looks something like:<BR>SELECT * FROM $(Sheet1)<BR><BR>Right?<BR><BR>Does this work?:<BR>SELECT * FROM $(0)

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