Integrating MS-WORD with ASP

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Thread: Integrating MS-WORD with ASP

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    Default Integrating MS-WORD with ASP

    How can i create a new WORD document , and store the contents of an Access database in WORD document in ASP.

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    Default Read the FAQs

    There is ASPFAQs section on 4guys. You will find your answers there.<BR><BR>Here are the broad outlines:<BR>1) Use FileSystem Object to create a word file.<BR>2) Use ODBC to connect to ACCESS and get the data using GetString() method<BR>3) Write this data into the word file.<BR>4) Save the file<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR><BR>~Roy

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    Default Reading word doc into asp page - How?

    I know how to create and read a txt file with an asp page using the file system.<BR><BR>Can a similar thing be done with word documents i.e. to reproduce the content of a word document in to an asp web page?

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